The evolution of the ERP.

Fast and reliable financial data in real time and across projects.

Seamless cost management

Easy and quick cost reporting from the site or anywhere.


Get sales estimates automatically in seconds.

Financial analytics

Identify deviations on time.

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Corporate agregated financials

Reduce corporate risk with a total overview over the financials of all ongoing projects.

Integrations with your existing tools

When something is working, why change it? Integrate your existing ERP software with

Enhance collaboration with a user friendly tool like

Increase data speed. Invoices and other documents straight to the system from the site.

Save time with automated tasks.


Real time financial indicators at your fingertips.

Easily find financial information that allows you to make the best business decisions.

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Sales cashflows

Automatic sales and cost computation based on project time schedule.

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Construction Management Software
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Construction Management Software
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BAT | B Accelerator Tower,Bilbao,Spain-48013,
Collaborative and data-driven construction management and planning software. Project planning, progress tracking, and collaboration. Presence on site, access logs, and work control.