Production & Planning

Next level control and efficiency

Plan, communicate and follow up the works on your site. In real time and powered by data.

Automated progress

Follow in real time the progress of your current project.

Production data automatically computed through work reports (or manually, you choose).

Get detailed insights on the current performance and delays on each activity.

Smart timeplan

Plan effectively and in collaboration.

Compare forecasts with actual progress.

Analyse the impact of current performance rates on final results.

Advanced analytics

Access the performance and production rates of teams, people, machinery, and activities.

Optimise production performance with real time data.

Support your decisions through intelligence.


Access your project performance metrics from the comfort of your own living room.

Close the gap between data and decisions.

Always available last-minute information, KPIs and metrics.

Visualise information in a clear and organised manner.

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Construction Management Software
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Construction Management Software
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BAT | B Accelerator Tower,Bilbao,Spain-48013,
Collaborative and data-driven construction management and planning software. Project planning, progress tracking, and collaboration. Presence on site, access logs, and work control.