How does the Unusual Events tool work?

Discover how the Unusual Events tool works.

Mismanagement of incidents, deviations or additional orders are a major problem in construction projects. The lack of capacity to keep good track of these unusual events costs lots of money to contractors. helps you gain total supervision capacity and stand out from competitors.

Unusual Events allows you to:

  • Absolute control. Increase control over the construction site.
  • Traceability. Looking back is often important, get full historical detail.
  • Speed. Immediate access to data.
  • Savings. Efficient exchange of information and fully remote.

Easily report from the app from the construction site or delegate this task to others (including subcontractors). Here’s how to create a digital unusual event report:

  1. Select the project in question.
  2. Click on add unusual event (within a work report)
  3. Select the basic properties such as title, description and type.
  4. Include images or add notes. You can add all the detail that would not be possible in a conventional way.
  • Be notified about the unusual events reports you receive. Mark them as pending, in progress, or solved.
  • Consult the reports of any unusual event from anywhere and with immediacy. Total control.
  • Manage the status of the unusual events.

Don’t get left behind and claim every single penny back.

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Embracing digital solutions can address the problems associated with unusual events in construction projects, providing numerous benefits for project managers, workers, and investors.
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