How to use planning feature.

Discover how’s scheduling tool works.

Scheduling is critical for the success of construction projects. It helps keeping targets in focus, contributes to the synchrony of subcontractors and ensures on-time material supplies. However, planning is very often is the Achilles tendon of construction projects. helps you achieve your project milestones in harmony with subcontractors and suppliers.


Plan effectively and efficiently, in an intuitive and flexible way:

  • Plan seamlessly. As per the best PM standards: milestones, dependencies, nested activities, etc.
  • Plan efficiently. Invite collaborators and subcontractors to your planning.
  • Spot deviations a mile away. Compare in real time scheduled VS actual progress.

Set up your project timelines directly from the website. Here’s how you can easily add and manage your project milestones:

  1. Invite the users (subcontractors, consultants, etc.) to collaborate on your project if you wish so.
  2. Import your baseline directly or plan directly in


Scheduling within platform is easy and is carefully designed to follow the project management practices and respect traditional planning forms.

  1. Add milestones easily as you demand.
  2. Create activities
  3. Add the basic properties; including scopes.
  4. Set durations, start dates and / or dependencies amongst activities. 

¿Uncertain or inefficient to plan the future in high detail? No problem:

  • Add new activities under existing ones and the first ones will automatically turn into parents.


Planning is key, and is key for planning.


Don’t get left behind.

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