What are quality checklists and why are they so important in construction?

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Quality Control Checklists are used in construction to ensure proper execution of tasks and compliance with technical requirements. The main purpose of these checklists throughout a project’s phases is: to identify and document defects to evaluate work quality vs the stablished standards to record changes to also serve as a tool for training field staff […]

How to use odei.io quality checklists tool

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Boost your project quality with our digital tool for efficient inspections. Improve your project quality and be efficient while doing so. This is how digital quality inspections (i.e. checklists) at odei.io help you: Efficiency. Generate checklists out of pre-set templates. From the site (on your smartphone) and in seconds. Collaborate. Assign checklists or inspection points (PPIs) to […]

Innovation Bridge Texas – Bizkaia

odei.io has been chosen as one of the five startups that will travel to Austin, Texas to explore the entrepreneurial atmosphere of Silicon Hills, the new hub of technological entrepreneurship in the United States. This opportunity has risen from the Innovation Bridge agreement between the Regional Department of Economic Promotion (Beaz) and Copperstone Q-Branch, which […]

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Digital construction article. News, learnings and key aspects on the digital transformation of the construction industry. Continuing our journey of distributing free knowledge and helping you intro de digital transformation; here is the second edition of conTech 101·x. This week on conTech 101·x New tech_ Generate a drawing or a IFC with a simple scanning on iPhone. Meet Magicplan. Discovering […]

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News, learnings and key aspects on the digital transformation of the construction industry. Hi! This is Javier Garmendia, enthusiast about construction, project management and digitalisation of the built environment. We are starting this series of entries with the only purpose of distributing knowledge, sharing our learnings and all the cool stuff happening globally. We hope […]

How to use odei.io planning feature.

Discover how odei.io’s scheduling tool works. Scheduling is critical for the success of construction projects. It helps keeping targets in focus, contributes to the synchrony of subcontractors and ensures on-time material supplies. However, planning is very often is the Achilles tendon of construction projects.   odei.io helps you achieve your project milestones in harmony with […]