How to use quality checklists tool

Boost your project quality with our digital tool for efficient inspections.

Improve your project quality and be efficient while doing so.

This is how digital quality inspections (i.e. checklists) at help you:

  • Efficiency. Generate checklists out of pre-set templates. From the site (on your smartphone) and in seconds.
  • Collaborate. Assign checklists or inspection points (PPIs) to users.
  • Agile. Complete inspections from the site and in full speed.
  • Trace everything. Attach images, comments and manage the status of the PPIs.

Step to step guide:

  1. Create the checklist templates on the web.
  2. Create the inspection points (PPIs) for each template.
  3. You can manage template versions in case you’d like to update the template and keep traceability of old ones.

Once the template is created and activated:

  1. Generate checklists with ease from the predefined templates, directly from the web or from your smartphone on the site.
  2. Assign checklists or PPIs to specific users, encouraging teamwork and accountability.
  3. Attach images, comments and effortlessly manage the status of PPIs in full detail.
  4. Keep track of unapproved PPIs.

All the work can be done either from the web or from the smartphone app.

Paperless inspections will save you 25% of the time.

Become digital now, don’t get left behind.

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