DIGITAL WORK REPORTS – the first step into digital transformation

In this 4.0 transformation era, few are the companies that yet don’t have a digitalisation strategy. However, in construction, very few are the ones taking advantage of technological advances to make their daily work easier.

Digital work reports are the best way into the digital transformation process.

  • It is a very easy workflow that anybody can complete. We are used to smartphones, sending a report through an app is not more complex than sending a text message.
  • Disruption is kept minimum. It’s just about replacing the channel, the information and its management remains unchanged.
  • Advantages are numerous and the return of the investment is immediate. There are solutions that demand 0 investment (subscription model, like Netflix).


|| “sending a report through an app is not more complex than sending a text message” ||


Digital work reports are of special interest if:

  • If several projects are managed at the same time.
  • In complex construction sites with many actors involved.
  • When there is a considerable amount of work and a need for remote supervision.
  • Whenever supervision towards a third party is required; e.g. hours worked, resources, executed, etc.
  • And of course, for all those who want to gain a competitive advantage and take that step forward, allowing to stand out from competitors.


What are the advantages?

  • Absolute control. Increase control over the construction site.
  • Traceability. Looking back is often important, a food management platform can make all the difference.
  • Immediacy / agility. No need to physically pick them up or pass them form person to person, all in the same system.
  • Professionalism.
  • Savings. The management and exchange of information becomes much more efficient.
  • More detail. The digital work reports allow the inclusion of photos and descriptions or details that wouldn’t be possible in a conventional way.
  • Information security. Backups and key-protected files.
  • Privacy and GDPR. Digital data managed securely and without being exposed.


How does a digital work report work?

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