Embracing Digital Solutions to Address Unusual Events in Construction Projects

80% of construction projects are delayed and 70% suffer overruns. One of the main reasons behind these terrible numbers are uncertainties. Bad things happen and they happen unexpectedly. These incident events (material delays, equipment breakdowns or weather disruptions) can profoundly impact project performance; but it’s not always the contractors’ fault. Furthermore, changes in project scope […]

How the Health and Safety Risk Reporting tool works on construction sites

odei.io helps you achieve your goal of zero accident tolerance with the digital risk management tool. Increase the speed of reporting. Communicate efficiently. Maintain full traceability and control over outstanding and mitigated risks. https://youtu.be/N0QZfBzE1BM Here’s how the risk reporting tool works: Report from the app. Quickly and easily from the construction site. Add all the information […]

Digital work reports: the first step towards digital transformation

We are in the age of digitalisation, and there are few companies that do not yet have a digitalisation strategy. However, in construction, few companies are taking advantage of technological advances to make their day-to-day work easier. Digital work reports are the best way to start the digital transformation process. It is a very simple […]

How does the Digital Work Reports tool work?

Discover how the digital work reports tool works. Struggling to keep track of your teams and subcontractors? Do you want to gain total supervision capacity and stand out from competitors? Digital Work Reports allows you to: Absolute control. Increase control over the construction site. Traceability. Looking back is often important, get full historical detail. Speed. […]

Happy new year 2023! (Late on purpose)

Each January we wish each other, systematically, a “happy new year”. But only few people truly reflect upon the significance of those words. We wish #happiness, that’s the ultimate goal.  After asking a few of our colleagues about happiness on the job (we can’t really talk about the other one), we concluded that:  Working with […]

Swedish construction company NCC buys a dog

NCC adquiere a Spot el robot de Boston Dynamics

NCC acquires Spot, the Boston Dynamics robot that enables autonomous data capture. Spot uses Artificial Intelligence to constantly learn the orography of the work or installation, orient itself and capture data more efficiently. NCC intends to test this new acquisition on various projects in Scandinavia. Among others, Spot will be used for the identification of […]